A manned ADS, as viewed by a Pod.

NaviComp name ADS
NaviComp coordinates

X: 601
Y: -1477

The ADS or Asteroid Detection System is a station used for detecting and tracking asteroids.

Mission 17 begins the initial construction and uses a Resupply Module to place an ADS Core Module at the pre-selected location.

With Mission 20, 2 ADS Sensor Wings are added.

Mission 29 expands the station by adding 2 Large Solar Panels, a Control Room and a Pod.

SpaceAgency 11272017191832

The finished upgrade to ADS", after completing Mission 34'

Finally, Mission 34 further adds more station modules; to-wit, an Orion Crew Capsule with a Service Module, and an ISAAC Module.

As of Version 1.8.9, the ADS does not do anything (it doesn't track asteroids), but Space Agency 2 may add a use for this.