Blution, also known as BLU is a deep blue planet, explored by the Seismometer Experiment in Mission 28. Since it does not have an atmosphere, only landing-type craft can be used planet-side. Blution has a strong clockwise rotation and a mostly uniform deep blue color which can make landing attempts questionable, hazardous, and costly.

From BLU (+9) you can reach PUR (895), SOL (780), and GOL (965).

Blution as viewed by a Crew Module Dockable docked to a Station Refuel Silo.

NaviComp name BLU
NaviComp coordinates

X: -800
Y: -100

Has atmosphere No
Has solid surface Yes
Can be landed on Yes
Can be splashed-down on No
Real life analogue Unknown



  • The radius of the planet has been calculated to be about 2 NaviComp units.

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