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The 'ready to launch' Black Arrow from Quick Play

The Black Arrow rocket is a fully assembled, 'ready to launch' practice rocket in the Quick Play section of the game.

It is comprised of two thruster stages, one connector and one fairing. It comes pre-loaded with one small payload.

As with all rocket parts, station parts and payload parts, the different parts of the Black Arrow may be used, mixed or matched as one wishes when using the Sandbox feature of the game.

Construction Edit

Fairing Black Arrow
Explosive Module
Black Arrow 2nd Stage
Connector Black Arrow
Black Arrow First Stage

Trivia Edit

  • It seems to be a direct in-game counterpart to the British satellite carrier rocket BLACK ARROW, with which it shares a name and has an almost identical appearance and paint scheme. See Wikipedia: BLACK ARROW.
  • It is the smallest vehicle to launch a payload into orbit.

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