• TheguyethatfelltoEarth

    This is a public document, and therefore no security clearence is necessary. You are allowed to show it and share it to anyone.

    In order to begin the MIISD's planetary exploration programme, a new ship capable of carrying multiple landers would be needed, as otherwise a new rocket would have to be launched for every landing. The concept of a lander carrier was that it would have an even number of both LK and Apollo landers. So the first designs began to take shape.

    The carrier was constructed accordinh to plan, having 8 landers, 4 LK, 4 Apollo. The spaceship came to be known as Iris, and was boarded by 8 astronauts on 2 Orion CSMs.

    It has the capability to travel to various planets in one voyage, and it can easily enter their orbits thanks to…

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  • The Maths God

    For a while, I've noticed how high-quality some of these agency logos look. I've wanted to make something like that for ages but not known how. Until I realised today that I have Inkscape installed on my laptop (For the station planning kit). I thought "If I've got this tool for doing vector graphics, maybe I could use it to make a better logo?". So, here is my new logo in 512x512 bitmap form. I've also got a vector graphics version which I can scale to however large or small I need it to be.



    Expect to see this new logo in my future posts and on my profile page. Hope to see what you think of this change.

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  • Allglad

    Glad Station

    July 14, 2018 by Allglad

    Just finished the compact station Glad mini 525 section station with lots of possibilities.’s a bit of a tank at current size but does it’s purpose....was hoping to add a 2nd shuttle but guess they went to an other quadrent...possibilities to connect to other mini stations in a snap....Glad Sta is much bigger than it appears. far as size go it has holographic replicators which make actual non-organic matter...into matter..& vaporize objects with percise accuracy.. without explosions &/or effect to connected a pin to a station...or just a station component.

    Lk’s have been implemented with white solar panels as one piece wrapped on the exterior to provide battery charging and are a big part of the Glad space agency...…

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  • Иоре

    CDSE oblivion project

    July 14, 2018 by Иоре

    The oblivion was successfully launched, it as reached 2.5 million units away from ENC. the imformation will be vital to the next oblivion projects and potentiall bringing humanity into deep space. We expect the oblivion 1 to lose contact by the time it reaches 10 million units away.

    We expect another oblivion project soon!

    -the CDSE

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  • The Maths God

    I have returned.

    July 14, 2018 by The Maths God

    It has been a long time since I last posted anything on here. After playing for a long time I just lost interest. But recently I have started playing again, so I will be back posting on here and completing missions. I will be checking my old missions and re-allocating launch and completion dates, since I haven't been working on them. In the meantime, I shall be checking up on what's happened while I was away and I hope to bring more great progress in the future.

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  • TheguyethatfelltoEarth

    This is a public document from the MIISD that does not need any sort of security clearence. Therefore, you are allowed to share it and show it to other people.

    The idea of making the Draco crew capsule more successful using a service module has long been in mind, as the Draco trunk does not have fuel, thrusters or main engines. Instead it uses those of the crew capsule which is unique in this feature, being able to travel long distances and even interplanetary travel. It also has a large space for cargo, having 5 slots, which makes this capsule ideal for resupply missions, like the Orion CSM; but the difference os in that it also has main engines. The idea to make the Draco capsule more viable was to use an Orion service instead of a Draco …

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  • Angkasa-X

    This station design name is Ciku-2HM. The first station to use Ciku-2HM design is Seri Angkasa Orbital Hotel owned and managed by SHAX. It is built to gain investor's interest in Ciku-2HM station design.

    Ciku-2HM is designed with two Habitation Module for 4 crew each, which compliments the amount of the shapeship docking hub.

    The purpose of having a typical design and launching schedule is to mass produce the station parts and standardisation of the station management which makes the overall cost cheaper, efficient to produce and easier to maintain.

    As of today, many private companies have showed strong interest to own a space station and considering Ciku-2HM design, mostly for industrial prupose as there are alot of unique products can only …

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  • OuranusX

    After S2S (Success) and ASM (Failed) missions, D22S is the imrpoved SSTO vehicle from both previous mission and may be the final version of the SSTO vehicle to deliver satellite to orbit.


    • Main engine deliver to orbit
    • Propeller to manouver satellite before deployment in orbit


    • Only to HOM's orbit

    Image description:

    1. Vertical before launch
    2. Reaching orbit
    3. Fairing sep
    4. Manouvered facing HOM and deployment
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  • OuranusX

    This is another experimental SSTO rocket after the successful S2S rocket launch.

    The rocket is called ASM. It has propellers to help it manouver payload in orbit.

    It is however a failed design.

    No image of ASM destruction was published.

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  • OuranusX

    SpaceEyes has successfully put a dummy satellite in orbit with an SSTO rocket.

    The rocket is called S2S has only the main engine to climb up and manouver.

    1. Image1: Launch
    2. Image2: Reaching orbit with little main engine fuel left only for manouvering to point satellite toward HOM
    3. Image3: S2S orbiting HOM
    4. Image4: S2S manouvered to face the HOM preparing for satellite deployment.

    The satellite has been succesfully deployed and in contact with SpaceEyes HOM base.

    Propose for Upgrade: The rocket requires propeller to manouver the rocket in orbit.

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  • TheguyethatfelltoEarth


    July 12, 2018 by TheguyethatfelltoEarth

    This is a public document from the MIISD that does not require security clearence. You are allowed to share it and show it to anyone. The document contains information about a project that owes part of it's credit to Centauri Spaceworks.

    After the MIISD asked for permission to use the reactive armour plating designs from Centauri Spaceworks, it decided to design and construct a new ship for them as a demonstration of appreciation for their collaboration. It uses the reactive armour designs to get through all sorts of space debris, such as small meteroids, space junk and even shrapnel, thanks to it's resistent adamantium-based reactive armour plating. It covers the front and sides of the ship to prevent damage.

    It uses 2 CSgt nuclear generato…

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  • Galaxpace

    Galaxpace (or also known as GX) is a space company for humanity.


    • Communication Satellite Constellation (CSC)
    • Satellite Imaging (SIM)
    • Space-based Internet System (SIS)


    1. CSC-1 (Proposed)
    2. SIM-1 (Proposed)
    3. SIS-1 (Proposed)
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  • OuranusX

    SSTO is Hard

    July 12, 2018 by OuranusX

    SSTO is complicated to achive for practical use but we SpaceEyes is still on it.

    More to come.

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  • TheguyethatfelltoEarth

    This is a public document with copyright for all it's content including the text and photos for all the public. It serves as a sequel for the cancelled Operation Interstellar, a joint mission on behalf of the MIISD and the SEAP.

    After the cancellation of Operation Interstellar, a mission that's goal was to find the limits of SA, the MIISD began research on new spacecraft for a future mission, later cae to be known as Operation Final Frontier, with the same objectives. The original MISE was then renamed and slightly upgraded, now called the Infinity. But a new ship was designed and constructed, called the Unlimited, which was bigger and heavier than the Infinity. The SEAP also decided to take part in the mission and constructed the ISS Varha…

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  • GrandExplorer

    On 7th July 2018, Grand Explorer launched two classified payload to orbit and announced successful mission. Because of the nature of the secretive agency, no coverage of the rocket launch was done for the public.

    The mission is called GM-2 and is the third mission by Grand Explorer after GM-1 and GM-1B mission. It was launched in the morning of the local time.

    Here is a photo of the launch caught and spread on the net today, captured after booster separation:

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  • GrandExplorer

    Second mission by GrandExplorer, GM-1B was launched on July 30th 2018 to relaunch one of the failed payload from mission GM-1.

    The GM-1 mission on 11th July was supposed to deliver two payload but only one made it to orbit.

    Like the previous launch, no coverage by GrandExplorer to public as the purpose is classified.

    Another image spread on the internet is believed to be the second launch by GE - a smaller rocket with side boosters launched during dusk.

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  • GrandExplorer

    Well let's see if the tube works to siphon out the water trapped in the cave.

    One possibility that it wouldn't work is if there is a leakage below sea level underneath the trapped water.

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  • GrandExplorer

    14th June 2018: Grand Explorer is scheduling an urgent launch to put a failed payload from mission GM-1.

    The GM-1 mission launched on 11th June 2018 was supposed to launch two payload but only one made it to orbit.

    The quick mission is called GM-1B and expected to launch in few weeks before proceeding for GM-2 mission.

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  • Aguywhocantgetpastspecimen1

    Good to see everyone is active again.

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  • Wernher Von Braun999

    Below is a list of features that I think should be added to the game. Please add your ideas in the comments.

    • Customizable logos on modules and capsules
    • RCS module for space stations
    • Robotic arm and attachment points
    • Custom parts
    • Accurate connectors: connectors are attached to the stage below them and detach with that stage
    • Control room can make all attached modules' engines fire together to simplify maneuvering of exploration stations
    • Saving rocket designs
    • Relaunchable and relandable landers
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  • Lunar Module

    YouTube channel.

    July 7, 2018 by Lunar Module

    Guess what,now I have a YouTube channel. The name is BRFlight videos.

    Search that name up on your YouTube app and you will find it.

    If this kind of blog is not allowed this blog will be deleted.

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  • GrandExplorer

    On June 11th 2018 after years of research and development, Grand Explorer (GE) launched a rocket to orbit with two upper stage delivering different payloads.

    The rocket is however not originally designed by GE. GE has been collaborating with other agencies to get the blueprint and experts to launch it.

    And only one of the two payload has successfully reached the orbit. The other payload was jettisoned quickly when the rocket monitors found that the whole rocket was too heavy to reach orbit after separating the first two main boosters.

    This launch is called GM-1 but with unannounced payload and purpose.

    No official coverage by GE but this is an image caught and spread on the internet.

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  • Angrycat9000

    In honor of the July 4th holiday, here are some Space Agency fireworks.  This video was recorded as the Crystal Voyager was being disassembled for parts.  Because most parts were overlapping, it caused a large explosion when trying to undock.

    Happy 4th of July!

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  • Dysonsphere

    Some updates

    July 7, 2018 by Dysonsphere

    Recently I've been quite inactive...

    Dysoncorp has completed building 2 Rotary Nukes. These launchers have 500 250 Mt Warheads with missiles as ammunition. When activated, the nukes are launched at a rate of 5 a second, capable of devastating any country all over the world. To ensure that this technology is not abused, we have destroyed the blueprints and fired a few missiles to severely damage the launchers. If we need to use this(which we shouldn't) it will take months of repairs.

    Port GEP has been found to be unrecoverable. I also have no time to rebuild it.

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  • Aguywhocantgetpastspecimen1

    Hey, a while ago I asked CSgt if we could have a stations page, he said I could make a blog post, So here it is! Post your stations in the comments

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  • Aguywhocantgetpastspecimen1

    Earlier today, Exp. Corp members had a meeting to decide the next two missions. They are the SOL watcher 1 and Hieroglyph

    Hieroglyph is designed to employ a Starshade with another mirror to get unprecedented detail when discovering planets. Due to the Starshade having its own mirror, Other agencies telescopes can see their own targets while we observe our own. Once Hieroglyph is launched DST will be phased out.

    SOL watcher 1 Will Monitor SOL as well as watch for solar storms. Its Mirror Diameter is roughly 3 meters. The telescope has also been proposed as a platform to search for comets.

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  • Angrycat9000

    Here is the release of Centauri Spaceworks Station Blueprint Kit!   This SVG comes set up to use in Inkscape to plan out your stations and ships.

    The kit is based of Commander Oz's Station Designer Kit.  You can look for the style of this kit to be included CptAcheron's Station Designer App. If you are looking to plan out stations, you should check out both of these resources.

    Download the kit .

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  • TheguyethatfelltoEarth

    This document is declassified and open to the public. No clearence levels are therefore required to read it.

    After it was decided that the space shuttle's repairs be resumed elsewhere, MIISD engineers then began to make new designs to ugrade and expand the forgotten STA. These included a variaty of ideas to be able to conduct more research on it. The main goal, however, was that it would be symmetrical, and that it would include a control room, some habitation modules and medical bay. But for this more power sources would have to be installed to the already self-insufficent station. But finally, they came up with the solution, and work could begin.

    The station underwent a massive revision. For one, a new airlock with a hub had to be installe…

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  • Galleigo

    Chroma Rocket Family

    July 2, 2018 by Galleigo

    Chroma is a test rocket for the concept of a quadpropellant rocket. It has 3 tanks for LH, RP-1 and LOX. Nine engines are present - four burning RP-1 and five burning LH.

    It is very close to being an SSTO, but finishing the orbit burn would cause a risk of the booster being unable to deorbit for reuse. As such, the payload must perform its own final orbital burn.

    Due to the multiple propellants, a multicoloured flame is visible at the bottom of the rocket.

    [information coming soon-ish]

    Later launches may experiment with switching out some LOX and LH for a [REMOVED] mixture of [REMOVED] (contains copper compounds) which will produce a green plume. The new mixture should also allow significantly higher efficiency and therefore better dV.

    (images …

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  • Lunar Module


    July 1, 2018 by Lunar Module

    this is a new space station that has no reason but to do research so it cannot attack another station.

    EDIT:now has 96 modules.

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  • Angrycat9000

    Crystal Starliner

    June 28, 2018 by Angrycat9000

    The Crystal Starliner was a cruise ship designed to be a sister ship to the Crystal Voyager.  It included a Pod for excursions, as well as an Orion III lifeboat.  The initial prototype model was constructed in September 2017.

    Despite the solid design and construction found on every Centauri Spaceworks vessel, it was it never put into mass production.  However the cabin design with four hubs and two viewing cupolas lives on as a part of the Palm Tree Hotel. 

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  • FreeFlight Space Agency

    ===No plans yet, Rimor Locus is still thinking about what he'll do.  ===

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  • Jws29095

    Space Agency 3D

    June 25, 2018 by Jws29095

    Haha! You fell for a click-bait! No, this isnt a sneek peek, but a physical manefistation of realistic(or lack thereof) snapshots of the SpaceAgency universe.(hint:pictures that show SpaceAgency planets in 3D)














    Name Radius(km) Mass(Earth) Surface Gravity(m/s) Atmosphere SMA  e Orbital Period Rotation Period
    SOL 495,975 254325 412 No N/A N/A N/A 2.42 d
    BLU 4,673 0.750 13.7 No 8,056,027 0.0273 5.22 d 5.22 d
    PUR 5,919 0.700 7.6 No 10,254,229 0.0289 7.5 d 18 h
    KAT 7,776 1.15 7.58 Yes 12,083,160 0.0221 9.59 d 3.00 d
    GOL 25,533 6.45 3.94 Yes 13,976,162 0.0203 11.9 d 56.0 m
    HOM 6,372 1.00 9.82 Yes 18,062,799 0.00679  17.5 d 23.8 h
    EMA 5,292 1.07 15.2 Yes 19,410,447 0.0101 19.5 d 15.7 h
    JOR 1,672 0.0186 2.65 N…

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  • Angrycat9000

    Lunar Logo

    June 23, 2018 by Angrycat9000

    Lunar domination complete!  Centauri Spaceworks has laser etched its logo into the surface of the moon.

    See the previous posts in this series:

    • Lunar Domination
    • Lunar LEM
    • Lunar Laser
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  • Angrycat9000

    Lunar Laser

    June 23, 2018 by Angrycat9000

    Step two towards lunar domination complete!  The space laser has been assembled outside of HOM's orbit.

    See the previous posts in this series:

    • Lunar Domination
    • Lunar LEM
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  • Jws29095

    IACS Community Sandbox

    June 23, 2018 by Jws29095

    Discord Link!

    IACS (InterAgency Community Sandbox), is a sandbox started by LambdaTech, Rimor Locus, and NeS Program. Currently being built by United Space Alliance at this moment, it is now in

    Phase IV

    {{Csgt/Space_Station|title2 = IACS|image1 = Gardens. 

    Adding Fuel Tanks and Station Tugs

    Agency Phase Number Received
    LambdaTech I ✅
    NeS Program II ✅
    Rimor Locus II.I & III ✅
    United Space Alliance IV ✅
    FreeFlight Space Agency V ❎
    Mass Fusion Agency VI ❎ Read more >
  • Shade the Time-Keeper

    Based off the Triforce from the popular video game series The Legend of Zelda, the Project Triforce will focus on constructing three mobile stations that will be the top of their class. Each one will be named after the keepers of each Triforce, and will serve the purpose of their namesake's corresponding Triforce piece. Each station will be constructed by one individual each. 

    Zelda is the holder of the Triforce of knowledge, as such the Zelda will be a research based station. It will be outfitted with the latest scientific equipment More information to be added

    The Ganon will be a defense based station, with defensive capabilities that will hopefully be used for good. The Ganon will have to be outfitted with a emergency shutdown protocol, in…

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  • KingFurby77
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  • Angrycat9000

    Lunar LEM

    June 19, 2018 by Angrycat9000

    The reflective markers for aiming the laser have been successfully placed on LUN.  This completes the first step towards etching the Centauri Spaceworks logo into LUN.

    A SLS Core and Boosters was used to launch a LEM and Orion III towards LUN.  A Delta V second stage provided the thrust for the trans-lunar injection burn.

    After successfully entering LUN orbit, the Orion III and LEM undocked.  The LEM docked and the two crew were able to complete their mission placing reflective markers. These markers will be used to help aim the powerful laser that will be constructed in the next phase.

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  • CptAcheron

    This is the official release of the buildplans for the Federation's new multi-purpose science vessel, the USS Enterprise A.

    Max. Speed: warp 5.0 Max. Cruise Speed: warp 4.5

    This vessel's main power supply comes from four Solar Panel Large and two CSgt Nuclear Generator located along the warp nacelles. 
    They provide enough power to run the entire starship along with secondary systems.
    They also allow the ship to provide any docked ship with extra power.

    The secondary hull is the structural and power core of the vessel. Every single conduit and wire running along the ship pases through this section at some point.
    Main thrusters and fuel tanks are also located in this section and are the prefered source of power for subluminal speed travel.
    The war…

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  • Angrycat9000

    Lunar Domination

    June 18, 2018 by Angrycat9000

    Centauri Spaceworks is making plans for lunar domination.   The plan is to dominate the moon by carving the Centauri logo on the lunar surface. 

    1. Place targeting markers on the lunar surface using a LEM lander.
    2. Assemble giant space laser
    3. Etch logo on the surface using the targeting markers from step 1 and the laser from step 2.

    The laser is powered by a nuclear generator and has two radiators to disperse the immense heat generated by the power lunar surface etching laser.  See a rough blueprint below.

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  • The Man Of inter

    Most of us have big stations that make our game laggy, but I want to take this to the next level.

    100-250 parts no we are going to do 800-1000 parts and my goal is to reach max amount of fuel max amount and power gen and max amount of parts but

    this has high risks involved will the game crash we-start it?

    and yes this may happen but this is only if you want to.

    and this is why I want to see the max amounts of all of this, now I don't know if we have already know this info but that's ok

    once I get five people on board we will start this experiment

    Neutral Economics Space Progeram 02:30, June 17, 2018 (UTC)

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  • CptAcheron

    Starfleet Command proudly presents the new USS Enterprise A. This will be the first multi-purpose science Federation vessel entirely designed by Starfleet's Engineering Department (SED). Even though it is still in the design, resources have already been reassigned and it's construction is asured.

    Further information to come in future communiques. USS Enterprise A next to a regular Space Shuttle for size comparison.

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  • KingFurby77
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  • Thecrazyspacesoviet

    So... As I have said earlier I must be inactive for a bit due to final exams and such.. But to be honest the reason why is becuase I no longer enjoyed Space Agency. I just did what I wanted to do with it and I just flat out don't want to play it anymore. The real reason why Ive been playing it is for the wiki. Building stations and colonizing planets became a chore. And I just don't want to use SA anymore. But I love this wiki and it's community and want to stay a part of it. I was thinking I might want to get back when SA2 is released but even that doesn't seem too appealing. There are already games just like it anyways. Ive grown bored of the ICSDU and NUSSR thing, as I originally thought I could make easy contributions without touching th…

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  • Galleigo

    N1 Series, V1.1

    June 14, 2018 by Galleigo

    While the Soviet N1 never made it to the Moon, it did succeed in creating the most powerful rocket stage ever built. The N1 may have succeeded had the Soviet situation been better and greater funding was allowed to the project. Nevertheless, the technology of the N1 still applies today. That is why the GSA has built the N1 Series, V1.1 - featuring an upgraded N1 rocket and then its derivatives, some Russian, some by the GSA.

    The original N1 was first built, with a greatly upgraded first stage. It was then used to launch two heavy rovers to opposite sides of the Moon.

    The N1-L3 could not hold the maximum amount of fuel due to its spherical tanks which did not make use of the full cone. Now, with diffferently shaped fuel tanks and much, much b…

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  • The Man Of inter

    NeS has almost finished scanning the planets but not much has nor been done for Interstellar research, 

    so NeS has constructed the DPS1 (Deep Space Probe One) yes it is not really an original name but this is what we have come up with 

    packed FULL of experiments and top-notch technology with first the gen high dense solar panels it can now

    get a decent amount of power 1020 NCU 

    from SOL after this, the Nuclear Power Generators will be the main power source for the craft.

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  • The Man Of inter

    Today the SSS has been completed and been sent to the sun, it has a crew of 6, with two Orion lifeboats for return and accents. it is currently in orbit around the sun so it can research and develop better solar panels for more power generation, with an advanced Heat reflector to keep the station cool and liveable and the module have are radion proof due to the sun radion.

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  • CptAcheron

    Station Designer App

    June 11, 2018 by CptAcheron

    I've developed this program in JAVA to help us design our constructions beforehand in a simple way. I got all part pictures from CommanderOz 's SVG Station Planner Kit.

    It's got a simple drag and drop interface and you can save your designs and recover them later.

    If you wanna report a bug or make a sugestion, you are welcome to leave a comment.

    Donations are appreciated: (Yes, my name is Víctor)


    Platform Version Download
    All Platforms (needs JAVA) v0.3.1b download here
    All Platforms (needs JAVA) v0.3.0b

    download here (multiple user reported it doesn't load)

    NOTE: if you download this version, please post a comment saying wheter or not it loads.

    All Platforms (needs JAVA) v0.2.1b download here
    All Platforms (needs JAV…

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  • Angrycat9000

    Paint Shop

    June 9, 2018 by Angrycat9000

    In Ask Andy,  the developer of Space Agency said  "I’d like to make the parts in Space Agency more customisable from within the game. Colour schemes, graphics etc."  That led some creative employees in the part idea department to think of this fun set of modules which are collectively know as the paint shop!

    The first module is the applicator head. This has nozzles for applying the paint. The second is atomizer and compressor.  It prepares and processes the paint.  The third is the control unit.

    When  all three are assembled in the following configuration, they make an operating paint shop that can customize the color or apply a logo to modules within a certain distance  The one exception is the modules of the paint shop.  They have been coa…

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