PSX 20171021 030009

Okay... so you know how there is that one page that says they want to have their own challenges?

Well, I'm doing just that! Except this is EVERYBODY'S challenge page! If you come up with an idea for a challenge... POST IT HERE!

Every week, someone comes up with a challenge, and other players take the challenge, and see if they can do it!

Time to prove who's got the Right Stuff and see who needs to go back to flying paper airplanes!

Come on, everybody! Post your challenges in the comments section below... and don't forget to include a pic of what you want the others here to do!

And to those who accept the challenges... if you don't post a picture of your success in beating the challenge... you're only blowing rocket smoke.

Even if you try and fail, post a comment and a pic anyway... cause it proves you've got the scrotal fortitude to step up and give it a try! 💪💪💪

No pain, no gain... right?

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