EMA, as photographed by a fly-by spacecraft.

NaviComp name EMA
NaviComp coordinates

X: 1858
Y: -566

Has atmosphere Yes
Has solid surface No
Can be landed on No
Can be splashed-down on Yes
Real life analogue Unknown

EMA is a planet explored in Mission 26, and as with the other planets explored in Mission 26, can only be explored in Sandbox worlds after said mission has been completed. This planet has a high gravitational pull and can destroy a rocket if the player is not careful.

During Atmospheric Entry, the space craft will pass into an orange tinted atmosphere. As it descends into the atmosphere, the spacecraft may be completely obscured momentarily by black clouds. Once it reaches the surface, it will splash-down into a bluish-purple ocean.

From EMA you can reach KAT (~845) and JOR

  • In orbit above EMA
  • Upper atmosphere of EMA
  • Lower atmosphere of EMA
  • Splashdown on EMA

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