The Explosive Module is a payload used in Mission 7 and Mission 22, to destroy the enemy spy satellite, and to destroy a malfunctioning Resupply Module respectively. Once docked, the Explosive module can be detonated by pressing the "Destruct" button. Therefore, it is the only known weapon in the game.

Explosive Module
Explosive Module
An Explosive Module in space.

Lifting Power 0/6
Fuel Capacity 0/6
Engine Restart No
Manoverable Yes
Attach Payloads No
Attach Boosters No
Dockable Yes

Like the Space Telescope, it is a thruster-only object. However, unlike the Space Telescope, its thrusters provide motion in four directions.

It appears to be the smallest and most lightweight payload in the game.The Explosive Module can fit into the smallest fairing, The Fairing Aero.

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