Gemini Capsule
PSX 20170911 141514
A Gemini Capsule sitting on the production floor of the Rocket Assembly Center.

Lifting Power 0/6
Fuel Capacity 0/6
Engine Restart No
Manoverable Yes
Attach Payloads No
Attach Boosters No
Dockable No

The Gemini Capsule is a small manned crew capsule. It contains three cargo slots, which come pre-loaded with one Battery, one Oxygen Tank, and Carbon Dioxide Scrubber.

In the Vehicle Assembly Building these three cargo tanks may be removed and other cargo tanks may be substituted. The Gemini Capsule can be attached to a Gemini Service Module or a LOK Service Module at this time in the VAB.

It can maneuver in all directions, but can not dock to any other craft or modules due to not having any docking ports. It can perform Re-entry and splash down on any planet with an atmosphere.

The Gemini Capsule is nearly identical to its real world counterpart, NASA's Gemini Spacecraft.

  • TRIVIA: In the game, Gemini capsules are not equipped with docking hatches, and thus can not perform any docking maneuvers. In real-life, NASA equipped a few later Gemini capsules with docking mechanisms, to be used only for docking practice maneuvers. There was no actual interconnecting tunnel to allow crew or equipment transfers. Sadly, fluke mechanical failures unrelated to the docking system itself prevented any docking practice of any Gemini spacecraft.

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