KAT as photographed by an Orlets-1 Survey Satellite.

NaviComp name KAT
NaviComp coordinates

X: 921
Y: -703

Has atmosphere Yes
Has solid surface No
Can be landed on No
Can be splashed-down on Yes
KAT is a deep violet planet explored in Mission 26.

During atmospheric entry, the space craft will pass into a blue tinted atmosphere. As it descends into the atmosphere, the spacecraft may be obscured momentarily by red clouds. Once it reaches the surface, it will splash-down into a bright pink ocean.

From KAT you can reach ADS (835) and EMA (~945).


  • A calculation revealed that KAT's radius is 2 NaviComp units. The atmosphere adds .65 units.
  • Soyuz orbiting KAT
  • Upper atmosphere of KAT
  • Lower atmosphere of KAT
  • KAT Splashdown