LK Lander Legs
20170422 120038
A LK Lander Legs on the moon.

Lifting Power 1/6
Fuel Capacity 2/6
Engine Restart Yes
Manoverable No
Attach Payloads No
Attach Boosters No
Dockable No

Like the Lunar Module Descent vehicle, the LK Lander Legs are a part of the LK Lander used for landing (in Mission 21, on RED). This part is used for full construction of an N1-LOK-LK rocket.

A large variety of parts can be placed on top of the LK Landing Legs, such as small second stage, space station parts, and miscellaneous parts such as the Atmospheric Probe. The legs have no fuel or propellant and battery and relies on the LK Lander Core itself as the engines.

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