LOK Docking Module

Lifting Power 0/6
Fuel Capacity 0/6
Engine Restart No
Manoverable No
Attach Payloads No
Attach Boosters No
Dockable Yes

The LOK Crew Capsule is an part of the LOK spacecraft, and is a part of the N1-LOK-LK and Soyuz rockets.

This capsule is seen docked with the MSS in Mission 11 and Mission 19. It will be unlocked in Mission 20. You need to build an N1-LOK-LK rocket with it in Mission 21.

It also appears in different color. It's dark green and only found docked in MSS space station.

It is one of 2 objects that appear to have diiferent color in the game. The other is Space Telescope.

Screenshot 2017-04-27-15-26-45-1

The LOK Docking Modules

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