LOK Service Module
PSX 20171115 025509

Lifting Power 2/6
Fuel Capacity 3/6
Engine Restart Yes
Manoverable Yes
Attach Payloads Yes
Attach Boosters No
Dockable No

The Soyuz LOK Service Module is a part of the Soyuz LOK spacecraft, and is a part of the N1-LOK-LK and Soyuz rockets. You can put a Gemini Service Module, a Crew Capsule and a LOK Crew Capsule on it. It acts as an service module, like the Gemini Service Module, Apollo Service Module and Orion Service Module. The module has an unusual feature where it cannot connect to some parts such as connector small to small.

In Career Mode, this spacecraft is seen docked with the MSS from Mission 11 to and including Mission 19. It will be unlocked in the following mission. You need to build a N1-LOK-LK rocket with it in Mission 21.


  • In real life, the Soyuz spacecrafts have 5 variants: the Soyuz, the Soyuz-T, the Soyuz-TM, the Soyuz-TMA, and the Soyuz-LOK.
  • Except the Soyuz-LOK, others are designed to orbit Earth only.
  • The Soyuz-LOK is used together with the Soyuz-LK lander to carry out the Soviet moon-landing plan, which never took place.