Lunar Module Ascent
SpaceAgency 3222017123755-1
 Lunar Module Ascent separates from its Lunar Module Descent stage, after it has landed on LUN

Lifting Power 1/6
Fuel Capacity 1/6
Engine Restart Yes
Manoverable Yes
Attach Payloads No
Attach Boosters No
Dockable Yes

The Lunar Module Ascent vehicle is a part of the Lunar Module used after landing. It has its own fuel tank and shares thruster propellant/fuel with the Descent Module prior to separation.


  • During ascent, immediately after separation from the Descent Module, this module temporarily enters a pre-programmed "auto-pilot" routine, which places it into a stable orbit. The LK Lander Core has this same feature.
  • It's used in Top Secret II and the Moon Landing mission.
  • When maneuvering by itself in the launching stage, it can gain tremendous speeds using the main engine. This is probably because this engine is powerful enough to handle the additional mass of the Descent Module while they are still connected.

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