Lunar Ascent In Menu

The Lunar Ascent Module, as seen in the build menu.

The Lunar Module Ascent vehicle is a part of the Lunar Module used in Mission 11 and Mission 16.

It is designed for use when ascending from a non atmospheric planet/moon. It has a separate main fuel tanks from the Descent Module, unlike the LK lander core.

During ascent, immediately after separation from the Descent Module, this module temporarily enters a pre-programmed "auto-pilot" routine, which places it into a stable orbit. The LK Lander Core has this same feature.


  • When maneuvering by itself in the launch stage, it can gain tremendous speeds using the main engine. This is likely because this engine is needed to counteract the planet's/moon's gravity
  • This part can take pictures, and was used to do so in Mission 11
  • Crew capacity is 2, but as seen in the Apollo 13 mission, additional astronauts can also enter the spacecraft temporarily. Its standard design and construction is set at 2 crew, not 3. Theoretically, it could hold upwards of a dozen crew, if they all just packed in.