The Medium Tug Module is a larger version of the Tug Module. It can carry larger and heavier payloads than the small version.

The Medium Tug Module is one of the only two maneuverable medium stages in the game (The other one is Orion Service Module). In sandbox missions, It can be your best companion as it is unlocked at a very early stage in the career missions, and it has been proven to be having enough fuel capacity to carry most payloads to any planet and entering an orbit. It also has the ability to carry multiple payloads at once.

It holds 2 batteries which is inbuilt and can't be swapped,and It is soon automatically ejected from the payload and disappears as soon as the payload is docked to something else while in space which makes it less useful as a builder tug. Also, it can't be docked. It uses 9 units of Power in the game, and generates around 152 units, however the power can't be transferred to another module as it is undockable.

Screenshot 2017-01-15-12-20-46

A Medium Tug Module, in the middle.

Fuel Capacity : 2/6

Lifting Power : 2/6

Engine Restart : yes

Maneuverable : yes

Payload attachments : yes

Booster attachments : no

Dockable : no

For Multiple Payloads,Use this alignment. Medium Tug-Payload-N1 Rocket Fairing-Payload-Fairing

Tug Modules can be hazardous in Space station assembly or resupply missions as It will eject automatically as soon as the payload is attached.Once it is ejected,There is only a second to select it and control it,until it disappears some distance away.During the time of ejection,it can hit any nearby space station parts and send it rotating,or off course,and at the worst case scenario,explode.

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