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Mission 30, named Shuttle Rescue, is one of the missions and the former last mission in Space Agency. After a micrometeorite hit the Space Shuttle and has been left adrift far from SOL, the player's task is to rescue the Shuttle, replace its batteries, refuel the shuttle and dock the ship to the Oxygen Garden.


Award Money Time Checkpoints
Gold < $60,000,000 < 35m No
Silver < $100,000,000 < 40m Yes
Bronze < $150,000,000 < 60m Yes
  • Dock the Shuttle to the Oxygen Garden
  • Budget: $150,000,000
  • Max time: 60m


  • There are no checkpoints on this mission, so if you do anything wrong, you have to restart the entire mission.
  • Leave the refuel/resupply craft (preferably a Station Builder Tug) docked on the shuttle until its fuel has been completely depleted.
  • The Shuttle is also moving slowly further from SOL, so if you take too long in attempting to rescue the Shuttle, the Shuttle may go too far from its original coordinates.
  • A small collision with the damaged Shuttle on the left side may reduce its rotation.
  • If you can't find the Shuttle, try to unzoom and drag to corner of the screen. You can see about 90 Navicomp units.

Mission descriptionEdit

The Agency’s only Space Shuttle has been struck by a micrometeorite while on a routine scientific mission. It has been left drifting in space with no power and no fuel. It’s last known NaviComp coordinates were:

X:635    Y:1915

It needs rescuing urgently! Launch a mission to take replacement batteries and fuel to the stricken Shuttle. Once you have located it, transfer the batteries and fuel to it. Then, power-on its electrical systems and its NaviComp. We believe that the shuttles heat shield was also damaged by the collision. Therefore, re-entry is impossible.

Mission 30 A

Fly the damaged Shuttle to the Space Station (STA), and dock it with the recently installed Oxygen Garden module. Hopefully the heat shield can be repaired at the station and the Shuttle can be returned to HOM in a future mission                                                                                   


  • Arrival at the shuttle
  • Station Tug docked to Space Shuttle
  • Battery Transferral
  • Refuelled and active Space Shuttle
  • Space Shuttle internal view
  • These are the co-ordinates that the Space Shuttle was at once I had docked and re-fuelled

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