PSX 20171115 073600

In Mission 6, named New Station Hub, you launch and dock a new Space Station Hub with STA and connect it to STA's power supply. You also need to undock the Resupply Module and then redock it with the Station Hub.


Award Money Time Checkpoints
Gold < $6,500,000 < 3m 50s No
Silver < $10,000,000 < 5m Yes
Bronze < $20,000,000 < 15m Yes
  • Launch a Space Station Hub into orbit.
  • Transport the Hub to the Space Station.
  • Detach the docked Resupply Module.
  • Attach Hub module in its place.
  • Connect the Hub to the Stations power grid.
  • Dock the Resupply Module to the lower port on the new Hub.
  • Budget: $20,000,000
  • Max time: 15m 0s


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