NaviComp name LUN
NaviComp coordinates

X: -290
Y: -2300

Has atmosphere No
Has solid surface Yes
Can be landed on Yes
Can be splashed-down on No
Real life analogue Moon

The Moon (or LUN on the NaviComp) is HOM's only natural satellite. It has no atmosphere or oceans, making landing on it with a lander possible. Because of its short distance from LUN, it is explored in Missions 8, 14, 15 and 16.

From LUN (+5) you can reach RED (990), GRN (730), MSS (610), HOM (510), and STA (450).

It is also an ideal station for setting up a colony, if landing on it with a Station Refuel Silo can be done. Then, any vehicle can enter into an orbit around LUN, and lower it and dock with the silo, refuel and go. This is particularly very useful in sandbox missions.


  • The radius of LUN has been calculated to be about 1 NaviComp unit.

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