The Saturn V


The Saturn V with 3 payloads

The Saturn V rocket is the first large rocket obtained through the missions. What makes it special for the purpose of carrying multiple payloads is the Saturn V Payload Fairing. Like a normal fairing, the Saturn V Payload Fairing will open to reveal the payload underneath. However, the Saturn V Payload Fairing is different from most other fairings in that it has a flat top which fits a small stage.The Saturn V First Stage and Second Stage are both necessary when launching two payloads with the Saturn V. However the third stage can be any number of medium stage rockets.The Saturn V Third Stage and the N1 Block V work especially well, because they contain a small space at the top where a payload sinks in. This is useful because the Saturn V Payload Fairing is too small to contain many small but tall payloads (for example, the Refuel Module and the ATV) without this space.

You may want to attach maneuverable stages to one or more of your payloads for various reasons. Tugs are ideal for this as they provide maneuverability while minimizing weight.  

Building Instructions

The N1-LOK-LK Rocket 


The N1-LOK-LK with three payloads

The N1-LOK-LK is similar to the Saturn V in payload capability, and has a slightly larger payload fairing, allowing it to carry some larger parts (verification needed). When built as a Multiple Payload Vehicle, it will have a similar layout to the Saturn V Multiple Payload Vehicle because of the similar maximum capacity of three light/medium payloads.

The SLS (Space Launch System) 


The SLS with three payloads

The SLS is the only launcher capable of mounting boosters. The SLS also has a fairing called the SLS Universal Adapter, which is the only large fairing in the game. Caution is required however, because if this fairing is deployed in an atmosphere the payload will stay attached to the main stage and will not reach orbit. This means the SLS Core needs to get to orbit as well as the payload(s).