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The N1-LOK-LK (or N1-L3, original) is a Soviet rocket that was competing with the Saturn V during the race to lunar landing, but due to lack of funds and complications, during all of its 4 launches, the rocket exploded creating the biggest non-nuclear explosion. The project was scrapped and kept as a secret until the Soviet Union dissipated.

In-game, it is used in Mission 21 to go to, and land on, RED (or Mars).

The N1-LOK-LK must be assembled as follows:

  1. N1 Block A
  2. N1 Block B
  3. N1 Block V
  4. LK Lander Legs
  5. LK Lander Core
  6. N1 Payload Fairing
  7. LOK Service Module
  8. LOK Crew Capsule
  9. LOK Docking Module
  10. LOK Fairing
  11. N1 Escape Tower