Orion Capsule

Lifting Power 0/6
Fuel Capacity 0/6
Engine Restart No
Manoverable Yes
Attach Payloads No
Attach Boosters No
Dockable Yes

The Orion Capsule atop its service module.

The Orion is a human spaceflight vehicle developed by NASA following the cancellation of the Constellation Program. It is intended to be used in the return to the Moon, in conjunction with a lunar lander, and for use in a manned Mars mission, as well as the asteroid redirect mission.

Orion CapsuleEdit

The capsule has full maneuvering capability, and plenty of thruster fuel, which allows it to dock even without a service module. Re-entry is relatively easy with this capsule, due to the abundance of fuel. It also has space for 5 Cargo items. By default, it comes with an Oxygen Tank, Battery, and CO2 Scrubber. This capsule can be attached to any medium stage.

Orion Service ModuleEdit

The Orion service module is an engine attachment designed for the Orion capsule. Pictured to the right, it has two integrated solar panels, so it can keep Orion powered.

Outside of using it to transport Orion, it can be extremely effective as a tug/payload carrier. It has 4/6 fuel capacity, allowing you to reach high speeds, go long distances, or afford mistakes.

Orion Multi-purpose Crew VehicleEdit

To build the full vehicle, you must follow the following assembly:

  1. Delta IV Second Stage
  2. Orion Service Module
  3. Orion Capsule
  4. Orion Escape Tower.

You can place the vehicle atop any medium or large stage rocket, and have it reach orbit. The vehicle, though, was designed to be launched on the Delta IV or Space Launch System. The Delta IV second stage, though officially a part of the vehicle, runs out of fuel almost as soon as you reach orbital velocity, and therefore is useless. To see the proper way to assemble Delta and SLS with Orion, see their respective pages.

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