An Oxygen Garden is used to supply breathable air aboard space stations and other space vessels via producing oxygen with onboard plants, using Water Tanks to do so. It will also refill empty Oxygen Tanks and clean/recharge Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers, when they are placed in an empty slot inside the Oxygen Garden.

This part consumes 60 units of Power when operating normally.

This part is unlocked after successfully completing Mission 27.


  • Unlike other modules, Oxygen Gardens cannot be powered by internal batteries, which makes them unsuitable for base building. 
  • If you go to any view besides the spacecraft view, it looks like a lot of green plants with water tubes around it, which turns brown when the Oxygen Garden is not powered or if there is no water in it.
  • With enough oxygen gardens, a station does not need any Oxygen Tanks or Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers, as the oxygen gardens do not need these to provide air. However, if these items are around, the station will consume these first.
Oxygen Garden Inside

Inside the Oxygen Garden, with both cargo slots full

Oxygen Garden Inactive

The plants are invincible, even when exposed to vacuum.