Resupply Module Dockable
Mission in progress

Lifting Power 1/6
Fuel Capacity 2/6
Engine Restart Capability Yes
Manoverable Yes
Can Attach Payloads No
Can Attach Boosters No
Dockable Yes
Crew Capacity Unknown

The Resupply Module Dockable is a module for resupplying space stations and/or other spacecraft. It is used in Mission 2 to resupply STA with Water Tanks and Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers, in Mission 5 to dock with another Resupply Module in HOM's orbit, in Mission 17 to bring the ADS Core Module to its 'parking space', and it's purposefully destroyed in Mission 22 while on a collision course with STA.

The module has a pressurized area with 6 cargo slots, 1 of which must contain a battery.


  • The Resupply Module Dockable is one of two parts that has been found to experience the Fault malfunction, the other being the Solar Panel.
  • It was the first craft that the game creator, Andy Barry, created in Space Agency. See here.