SLS Core Stage
The SLS Core Stage in the Vehicle Constructor with the Solid Rocket boosters.

Lifting Power 4/6
Fuel Capacity 6/6
Engine Restart No
Maneuverable No
Attach Payloads Yes
Attach Boosters Yes
Dockable No

The SLS Core Stage is a part which acts as the first stage of Space Launch System. All boosters in the game can connect to it, and its size is unmatched by any other part in the current version of Space Agency. It is much more effective when you attach SLS Boosters to it.


  • When you have the SLS Core Stage in your rocket, the moon will appear at the top-left during countdown, as long as the entire rocket is tall enough.
  • The SLS is the only 1st stage rocket that can get into space using just itself.
  • The SLS core module is gained in mission 22
  • In version 1.6.1, the speed of SLS Core Stage became 72, instead of 92.

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