A Space Station is a spacecraft capable of supporting crew, designed to remain in space for an extended period of time. In Space Agency, it can also be designed to travel. While in orbit, its classified as an artificial satellite.

See this page for examples of different types of Space Stations.


STA is a stop on your journey. You'll be sent here for a resupply mission, two expansion missions, a mission to prevent a collision and a mission to replace a faulty Solar Panel.

Screenshot 2017-10-22-16-12-57

NaviComp name STA
NaviComp coordinates

X: -380
Y: -1850

Upon unlocking each mission, the STA will expand, adding a station hub, 2 space station modules, 2 resupply modules, an oxygen garden, and the Space Shuttle.

You can expand or replace the space station if you want to after creating a sandbox. The structure of the station will differ in accordance to the level that you were on Career Mode at the time of when you had made your sandbox.

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