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Space station build in the Sandbox.

The Sandbox is a gamemode in Space Agency. From here you can run your own space program, build your own space stations or even complete epic space journeys and land or splash down on distant planets. You can run several rockets at a time and have the option to save or discard your changes when you back out of the sandbox.

Also, you can add cargo while in the Sandbox to your station modules.

You can only play for an hour without having to back out of the game and restarting sandbox mode. It is possible to save your progress, and continue your adventure by selecting to jump to the last thing you put into space.

You can share your sandbox via e-mail or other apps that can send files (like WhatsApp or Telegram). The "Space Agency Sandbox File" (*.sasbx) is imported into the app, when you open it with the Space Agency App. This works with both Android and iOS devices.


  • When starting a new sandbox, the career world as it is at the point of creation will be used as a template. This means, among other things:
    • If creating a sandbox before Mission 4, the Space Telescope will not appear in HOM's orbit. However, the Communications Satellite will still appear if you have completed Mission 1.(Tip: If you are going to have a lot of missions delete or destroy the (insert profanity) satellite because you will crash many times if it's left there)
    • If done before Mission 17, the ADS won't be present at all. Additionally, if done before Mission 29, the ADS won't appear fully constructed.
    • While STA can be visited before completing any mission, if the sandbox was created before Mission 27, STA won't appear fully constructed.
    • If the sandbox is created before Mission 30, the Space Shuttle cannot be found.
    • If the sandbox is created after Mission 31 was completed, 2 Space Shuttles are found in STA and 125 units away from SOL.
  • The items in sandbox will not fully unlocked if you're not completing the career. As you done a mission, some items in sandbox will be unlocked. However, you can unlock all the items in the sandbox immediately by purchasing it, but better to done all the missions than purchasing it.
  • Each item can be used 9 times for every launch. But if you use all the 9 and ran out, the item can not be used anymore.
  • The Space Shuttle will never appears as an item in the sandbox, it will appears same as what happening at Mission 30.
  • If creating a sandbox before Mission 26, not all planets will appear.

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