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This is an unofficial wiki for Space Agency, a game for iOS and Android developed by Nooleus.

In Space Agency, you are in control of your very own space program. Start out with satellite and space telescope launches, expand your space station, fly to and land on the moon or even other planets. The possibilities are infinite!

What is Space Agency?

Space Agency is all about designing your rockets and flying them. Once you have come up with a good design, launch your rocket and get it into orbit. Now the real fun starts - either stay near the planet and leave a satellite in orbit, or travel out into space. You can expand the initially very small space station, fly by and land on the moon with the Saturn V, or send out probes to explore other planets or the Sun . With the new scientific discoveries made while you progress, you will later be able to set up an asteroid detection system to protect your home planet, or even land on the Red planet !

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  • Space Agency 2 Pool is now open!
  • 1.9.0 update is released!
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  • Space Agency 2 to be released in 2018. Check out and join the wiki now!


Would you like to see a feature added to Space Agency, where you get to create a map of your actual user agency: it being a 2D above-view large map; where you add different buildings, launch pads, runways & control towers, roads, parking lots, lakes, railroads, fences, etc... much like adding modules to a station. Perhaps even have a feature where the more launches you make; the more you get to add to the map, i.e. add new buildings, make roads & runways longer, restructure existing buildings, add more land to your map thus making it bigger,

The poll was created at 07:28 on August 14, 2018, and so far 17 people voted.

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A Launch Pad is a platform from where space vehicles are launched. In the current game version, there are 3 launch pads of different sizes, used for the various rockets: 25A, 38A, and 39A.

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