Note: If you would like to suggest changes, please do so in the comments or on the talk page. The Space Agency Wiki aims to achieve maximum user satisfaction and prioritizes it over anything else.

Rules Edit

  1. No foul language is acceptable (inappropriate or harmful language). If violated, will lead to a ban for 24 hours.
  2. No file should show inappropriate/offensive content. Can result from a 24 hour to an indefinite ban and monitoring of activity thereafter.
  3. Threats to other users of any kind will lead to a ban for up to 24 hours. The offending comment will be deleted, along with any replies to prevent flame wars. If other disputes between multiple users arise, solve them peacefully and in a non-threatening manner.
  4. Vandalism will lead to a ban for at least 24 hours and at most 1 month. Vandalism includes any edits and other actions that are clearly done with bad intentions, such as deleting content or inserting false information on purpose.
    • Any counterproductive actions that are done by accident (such as submitting an unfinished edit or removing text by accident) are not vandalism. The user should be notified if this happens repeatedly or in large amounts. Ignoring these messages and continuing the bad edits on purpose counts as vandalism.
  5. Any repeating of rules punishable by ban will either extend the current ban, or will make the next ban longer, in the following order: [shorter than 2 hours] -> 2 hours -> 1 day -> 3 days -> 1 week -> 2 weeks -> 1 month -> 3 months -> 6 months -> 1 year -> 2 years -> infinite. This rule is not affected by maximum ban periods given in previous or following rules.
  6. Repeated requests for promotion is not encouraged. 
  7. All user blogs shall be properly maintained, and spelling and grammatical accuracy should be prioritized.(not enforced,but to maintain quality content)
  8. Personal experiences with the game, or custom spacecraft are to be written either on user blogs or user pages, and not on wiki pages.

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