Mission 30

The Space Shuttle in space.

The Space Shuttle is a spacecraft that cannot be launched nor re-entered, found near X = 635 Y = 1915 in Mission 30, and in Sandboxes made after said mission. Note that the shuttle will have to be rescued again inside the sandbox. It is best to do this first, otherwise the shuttle will become very hard to locate.

It looks like a NASA space shuttle (hence its name), and has a docking port on its left side near the cockpit. It can carry eight units of cargo, of which at least one must be taken up by a Battery.

It cannot yet be landed on HOM as of version 1.5.0 because, as the game states in mission 30, its heat shield (used for re-entry) was damaged due to a collision with a micrometeorite.

It is one of 3 objects that cannot be found in the rocket assembly menu, the other being the special green LOK Docking Module, and the grey Telescope.

If you look inside, you can see a Station Module Large and a scaled down Truss Large behind it in the cargo bay.

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