Space Agency Solar Map Version 3


Name X Coord Y Coord
SOL 0 0
HOM -138 1800
LUN -290 2300
ENC 700 4700
GRN 150 2900
RED -500 3280
YEL 100 3950
PUR -400 890
BLU -800 100
GOL -1200 -800
KAT 921 703
EMA 1858 566
JOR 2071 -126
STA -380 1850
MSS 250 2000
ADS 601 1477

This map contains:

  • All planets/moons (White)
  • Sol (Red)
  • The Home Planet (Blue)
  • All stations (Green)

Use the NaviComp to cycle through all the co-ordinates of each waypoint, and note each one down. Then put all of that into a spreadsheet, and create a graph.

You will end up with a map of the solar system, similar to the one shown above.

NOTE: All the Y co-ordinates have been multiplied by -1 because this is the way that they are displayed on the screen, Space Agency just runs them upside-down in-game.

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