Titan II 2nd Stage
Screenshot 2017-08-08-01-31-19
The Titan II 2nd Stage as shown alone in the Vehicle Constructor section.

Lifting Power: 1/6

Fuel Capacity: 1/6

Engine Restart Capability: Yes

Maneuverable: No

Can Attach Payloads: Yes

Can Attach Boosters: No

Dockable: No

The Titan II 2nd Stage is the in-game counter-part to a real-world rocket part: the second stage of the American-manufactured Titan II ICBM. Though not overly powerful by itself, it can be used in unison with more powerful first stages to lift small payloads into orbit. As shown, it possesses a 74% "to orbit lift ability". This decreases with the addition of payload weight.

A "typical" Titan II configuration, designed to carry an explosives warhead is as follows:

  • Titan II 1st Stage
  • Connector small to small
  • Titan II 2nd Stage
  • Explosives Module
  • Fairing Aero

Trivia Edit

  • It has been compared to the Apollo Service Module as to similarities in their shapes, overall designs, and exhaust bell appearances.

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