You can explore planets and do what else? Is there something missing? SPACE STATIONS!

This is a starter of how to build your very own space station! For  (other than STA ) For your first one, build it outside an is EXTREAMLY hard to build a space station of more than 3 parts. find a good space close to HOM, but not TOO close ;) (for those of us who have tried that)  (And remember To use NaviComp!)

Firstly you need a template, just launch a medium sized rocket with a station tug ,that seems easy doesn't it? Next you want to launch any sized rocket with a station hub the tricky bit is docking so,if your not in line with the tug GET IN LINE then if your tug and rocket is facing opposite each other just tilt one of them so they are facing each other hard part- click foward two times ,once you are close just click backwards one and you are docked! Now do that again two times with a station module and two solar panels. to activate it just connect them to the tugs power grid click on them in the power grid menu and click power on. To finish it just add a habonation module,and done!

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