Building a telescope require some bugs from 1.4.4 version.

Preparation Edit

First of all, build a rocket, which can carry tug with telescope. Reach the orbit.

Escape an orbit and slow down as quickly as posible.

Gravity hack Edit

To hack gravity, you have to launch gemini crew capsule, re-enter, DO NOT OVERHEAT :D, start spining after paraschute button pop-up, explode. Done!

Now, select your tug with telescope, (if you do it right, there shloud be parashute button instead of undock) and slowly and carefuly enter gravity field, and then stop. It shouldn't affect you.

Using the telescope Edit

Unzoom. Go to menu, select it again. Unzoom :). Go to menu, select it again...



All this no longer required! Edit

Update: select any stationary vehicle or station. Double tap to unzoom

go to vehicles menu, select same thing, double tap.. repeat 3-5 times.

Screenshot 2016-12-04-13-42-35

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