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NaviComp display shows WAYPOINTS for STA and MSS (bright green for being close), and LUN, PUR, and ADS (dark green for being further away).

A waypoint is an on-screen indicator (a circle with a directional arrow), showing the direction (and sometimes the distance) to a planetary body. They are pre-programmed into the NaviComp system.

Space stations will only have on-screen waypoints if they have been manually added to the NaviComp.

Below is a list of planetary bodies with theiir on-screen waypoints, and their location coordinates.

  • SOL: 0, 0
  • HOM: -138, -1800
  • LUN: -290, -2300
  • GRN: 150, -2900
  • RED: -500, -3280
  • YEL: 100, -3950
  • ENC: 700, -4700
  • PUR: -400, 890
  • BLU: -800, -100
  • GOL: -1200, 800
  • STA: -380, -1850
  • MSS: -250, -2000
  • ADS: 601, -1477
  • KAT: 921, -703
  • EMA: 1858, -566
  • JOR: 2071, 126
  • Space Shuttle: 635,1915(During Mission 30, the Shuttle does not have a waypoint. These are the last reported coordinates of the Shuttle, since it is adrift with no power and no fuel.)-99,-99 (These are the coordinates after you complete mission 31.There are actually two space shuttles at this point,one at the STA and one floating near SOL.)

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