Weight is very important in Space Agency. If you have too much weight, you won't be able get into orbit. Every time you add a stage your weight increases. There are many ways to conserve fuel so that weight does not matter unless it's under 57, which I will and you can mention in the next paragraph.


Overweight (notify by the red arrow pointing down) of the Mercury First stage and the Heavy tug module.

Tricks to conserving Edit

  1. Turn off the first stage when it reaches maximum velocity and the boosters you are using will keep going (unless you are using delta IV boosters)
  2. Quickly keep tapping the engines during ascent to preserve velocity and save fuel.
  3. In space, you can use gravity assists when passing by a planet or star at faster than orbital speed. It points the spacecraft in a different direction without you using any fuel for turning.
  4. Also in space, don't speed up too much because you could end up using double the fuel you needed to.

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